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You do not have to be referred by a GP to visit a Chiropractor. During your first session which usually lasts 45-60 minutes, you will need to fill out some brief paperwork, which provides general information about you and your condition. Then a detailed case history is taken in order to assess your problem. An examination will be performed including specific neurological and orthopaedic tests as required. 


Due to Covid-19 we are asking all patients to wear a mask and bring a clean towel with them, when coming to the clinic. All practitioners will wear full PPE while examining and treating patients.

If you are under 16, parents or a guardian will have to accompany you.

Following the initial consultation, a diagnosis is made and the findings are then explained to the patient. The Chiropractor will then discuss an appropriate course of treatment with the patient. Patients found to have any medical conditions which cannot be managed with Chiropractic treatment will be referred to their GP or another appropriate healthcare provider. 

Same Day Treatment

Both clinics will endeavour to treat acute patients as soon as possible. Patients’ permission will be obtained before their treatment and if you are happy to progress then the first treatment will be given during this same visit. This may include spinal manipulation/mobilisation alongside soft tissue work.

Scheduling Your Next Appointment

Treatment frequency and the amount of treatment necessary will be advised on the first visit however this can be dependent on the type of injury and how long you have suffered from it. Follow up treatment sessions are approximately 20 minutes.

Will the treatment hurt?

Chiropractic treatment is usually painless unless an area is inflamed (swollen). If this is the case then the treatment will be altered to suit your needs. Some patients have mild reactions such as temporary aches and pains after their spine or joints have been manipulated or after exercising. It is important that you talk to your chiropractor if you have any concerns about the treatment.


X-ray and MRI


Should X-ray or MRI scans be required then referral for imaging will be arranged when appropriate.

What To Expect

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